We're glad you stopped by. 
And since you're here, chances are, you're stuck. 

Maybe the same issue keeps repeating itself and you can't figure out why. Shame might be telling you that you should have been able to fix it. You feel defeated, discouraged, beat down.

Maybe you are struggling with your worth and on the outside you perform like everything is fine but inside think you're a failure. You feel alone, isolated, misunderstood.

Maybe it feels like you are putting in effort but your spouse doesn't seem to be trying. If they could just understand you, maybe things would be different. You keep having the same fights over and over. You feel unloved, worn out, exhausted.

Or maybe you've been dealing with something terribly painful and you can't figure out why the hard stuff has to happen, especially to you. You're struggling to understand where God fits into this picture. You feel angry, hurt, guilty, faithless.

You are not alone. You can get unstuck. We can help.

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