Associate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Elgin & Sycamore offices and online via Telehealth

We strive to find whole and fulfilling lives. Knowing ourselves and others can be clouded by any number of reasons. You may feel your relationships are slipping away as a parent or partner who feels disconnected or at the end of your rope with the people in your life. Relationships are messy and the mess can feel like paint on your hands. It feels gunky, staining–being at a loss and stuck in the mess of things. 

And yet, there is beauty in that and a picture waiting to be created as a significant part of our process to become aware of who we are and others with us in the chaos. Sometimes our relationships long for change, different rhythm, and order so that connection and depth are reached. I want to help you by engaging the art of relationship as you become grounded for yourself and as you work towards deeper and fulfilling relationships.

As an associate licensed marriage and family therapist, I offer relational and individual therapy. I specialize in using play therapy for families and children between the ages of 2-12 years old. I am formally trained in Child Centered Play Therapy, Filial Therapy, Relationship Enhancement Therapy for couples, friendships, and families, SOZO prayer, and premarital counseling using PREPARE-ENRICH for couples. 

I approach your experiences with cultural curiosity and have worked with those who identify working in ministry, first or second generation immigrant families, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds of all ages.