Post-Graduate MFT Clinician

Elgin office and online via Telehealth

Hello. I am glad you are here.

If you are seeking guidance regarding the next right step in your journey, or perhaps you’re working
through something in this season that has brought you into a place of pain and deep suffering, and you need a safe place where you can process this piece of your journey…therapy is a good place to start.

I consider the therapy room a sacred space. A space where we can begin to look at our stories, recognize their impact on our lives and try to find a healthier way forward. This is a space where I hope you can feel welcome to bring all of the pieces of your story and wrestle with the discrepancies of life, while we collaborate to create sustainable change and a new trajectory. While I recognize the courage that is required to begin this journey, I am here to facilitate the process so that you can be confident that you will be safe, respected, and even challenged for the better as we work together. I work with a variety of evidence-based and trauma-informed approaches, creating a treatment plan in collaboration with you that can assist you in reaching your goals.

This is a journey that requires intentionality, a willingness, to be honest, and a commitment to trust
the process. If there is something I’ve learned as an artist, is to appreciate the mess that’s interwoven in the creative process. While it can be chaotic and unpredictable, the artist creating the art piece recognizes the intricate value in each step of this process…trusting it and appreciating the beauty hidden between those layers, knowing that each layer tells a story.

Similarly, the layers hidden within our stories might be messy and difficult to look at. However, we are invited to look at these different layers and learn how to hold them gently, deconstruct them, and then
integrate them into the whole art piece. And…that’s what I am here for. To walk with you as you
begin to unpack the layers within your story no matter how messy they are, we will peel them slowly, one
layer at a time.

I was born and raised on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic where I spent over two decades
serving in ministry, shepherding hearts, and raising a multicultural family. I am a mother to Third Culture
Kids (TCK) and have an extra layer of compassion and insight in my work with cross-cultural couples and

I also have a special interest in those working through loss, and grief, navigating neuro-divergent
relationships, and families navigating parenting challenges. I speak Spanish and English, and I also
incorporate expressive art as an intervention. I look forward to serving you and walking alongside you.