Post-Graduate MFT Clinician

Elgin office and online via Telehealth

Hello.  I am glad you are here.

Whether you’re looking for guidance regarding the next right step in your journey towards emotional and relational health, or perhaps you’re navigating a challenging season of suffering… I think therapy is a great place to start. 

I consider the therapy room a sacred space. A space where we can begin to look at our stories with curiosity, gaining a better understanding on how these pieces of our journey inform our choices and how we react to life’s experiences. I believe that  together we will  find a healthier way forward. 

 Our lives are similar to a great tapestry or layered art piece, while the process can be messy, the artist understands the value in that creative process because in the end…each layer tells a story.  I am here to walk with you as you explore and peel the layers in your unique story, deconstruct them and make meaning of them. I hope you can feel welcome to bring all of you,  while you wrestle and become curious about where you could go as we collaborate to create sustainable change and a new trajectory. 

I see my clients as a part of a larger system where context matters. Since I was born and raised on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic where I spent over two decades serving in ministry, shepherding hearts, and raising a multicultural family- I’ve developed appreciation in working with individuals and families from diverse cultural backgrounds.

I am a mother to Third Culture Kids (TCK) and have an extra layer of compassion and insight in my work with cross-cultural couples and families. I also have a special interest in those that are working through grief, navigating neuro-divergent relationships, and families navigating parenting challenges.  As a systemic thinker I appreciate that I get to work with a variety of evidence-based and trauma-informed approaches that can assist you in reaching your goals. 

I speak Spanish and English,  and I also incorporate expressive art as one of my therapeutic interventions. I hope you will consider coming and look forward to serving you and walking alongside you.