Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Elgin & Sycamore offices and online via Telehealth

Sometimes all you need is a welcoming, safe space. Transitions, unknowns, and changes can shake and rattle even the most courageous of us. Past, present, and future start to make more sense when you find a listening ear, warm encouragement, and steadfast support in the face of a challenge.

My passion is to create a space that is different from your everyday life. I want the therapy room to be a place of vulnerability and a commitment to facing the truth and letting it set you free. By joining you and your loved ones amid your pain, struggle, and changes, I am intending to create a nurturing soil and safe base to explore the unknowns of change and newness. I carry years of experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults in international settings. I am familiar with miscommunications, misunderstanding and reconciliations across genders, languages, and ages. Together we can create new paths, navigate complex and interwoven puzzles of relationships, and find the strength and courage to heal from what has passed and been done. I will work with you to pursue hope, truth, and authentic connection.