Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

Elgin & Sycamore offices and online via Telehealth

Every person has a unique story that they take with them every day of their lives. This story is often an interweaving of pain, joy, and things in between. Sometimes, carrying this story is heavy and burdensome. Sometimes, understanding where to go next on this journey is overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s the present moment that feels most complicated. 

As a therapist, my goal first and foremost is to understand each client as an individual who holds a unique story. I am honored to be able to hear parts of that story and work alongside my client to meet their goals. I want to meet my clients in the present moment, as we look backwards to the past and forwards to the future. 

I received my BA in Psychology at the University of Michigan and am currently obtaining my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Wheaton College. I am also certified in Prepare/Enrich. Prior to this, I received a MA in Instructional Theory and Practice while interning in an Elementary School. In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing video games, and listening to music. 

If you are interested in therapy, I would love to be part of that journey with you.