Licensed Professional Counselor

Elgin office and online via Telehealth

What do you do when there’s a gap between the life you want and the one you’re living now?

You probably have a vision for a better day-to-day for yourself—taking bold new strides in your career, relating better to your significant other, overcoming pain from your family, creating authentic art, feeling good in your body again, speaking up for yourself when you couldn’t before—but you just can’t quite get there on your own. 

I’d love to help. Our sessions are a place for you to bring your full life story, things that feel scary, frustrating, or confusing, hopes that you’ve tucked away a long time ago, and leave with more connection and clarity than you had before.

In our sessions, I’ll help you ask questions like: “What strengths do I have? What makes me tick?” and “Is this [feeling/thought pattern/behavior] working for me?” 

I take a strengths-based approach, which means we’ll dive into the skills and assets you bring, and brainstorm how we can leverage these to get you to a better place. Not just asking “what’s wrong,” but also “what’s working?” 

We’ll also be collaborators from day one. My aim is for you to feel empowered to act as an essential protagonist in your own healing journey, not a mere bystander. Therapy is work, y’all! So we’ll find plenty of opportunities to celebrate the “wins” along the way. Here’s the first one: you’re here on our website to begin with! To arrive here—where you know you want a change and you’re doing what it takes to get it—requires self-awareness and courage. Go you!

The process of healing is sacred…and also wildly irreverent at times. So let’s be real. I’m the type of person that sees the therapeutic benefit of poetry, Psalms, and a well-placed swear word. I resonate with those who are artists-at-heart and also recovering chronic overthinkers. I’m passionate about words, music, and art; the intersection of theology and psychology; and the often unexplored relationship between mental health and the working world. 

I am currently finishing my program work as a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (prospective LPC) at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.