Post-Grad Clinical Mental Health Counseling Clinician

Elgin & Sycamore offices and online via Telehealth

Life is uniquely difficult for every person. 

Some may feel defeated in one area of life, while others may wrestle with another, and others may struggle with it all. The common thread that traces its way through every person is that well-being is difficult to attain. Well-being is a broad term which encompasses a person’s physical, relational, spiritual, and mental health. When one or more of these domains are unwell, it takes a toll on a person’s well-being.

I am here to come alongside you in your life’s journey to help us understand what is causing you distress. Whether it is loneliness, health issues, lack of spiritual direction, dissatisfaction in your relationships, or any other distressing experience(s) that you are enduring, I am here to help you more fully understand the factors that are impacting the hardship(s) that you face. 

Once we have an understanding of how you arrived at where you are now, then we can work towards improving your well-being. That being said, no two life stories are exactly alike, which is why I strive to bring a gentle curiosity and reflective disposition as I seek to understand who you are and how I can help. 

It would be an honor to be invited into your journey and I look forward to working together in this process of healing and growth.