Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern

Sycamore office and online via Telehealth

It can be difficult to find a place to unpack – out loud and in great depth – the most painful, confusing, or frustrating parts of our lives. But that’s where counseling comes in. One of things I value most in life is the opportunity to hear someone tell their story, and see the benefit it brings to them as they gain new insights about who they are, or who they would like to become.

Though I tailor the counseling experience towards the individual needs of the client, I find myself drawn to the themes of existential theory due to the way it prioritizes the interaction between me and the person I’m listening to, and the importance it places on finding meaning and purpose in our everyday experiences.

In addition, I appreciate the practicality offered through CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), which helps people examine their core beliefs and how one’s thinking impacts their feelings and behavior.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Grace College, and am excited by the prospect of a career which focuses on supporting the well-being of others. As a clinician, I am grateful to draw upon my life experience, including my background in education, my roles as a wife and mom, and my own journey as a person of faith.