Clinical Social Work Intern

Elgin & Sycamore offices and online via Telehealth

There are a million different reasons that can lead people to begin therapy at various points in
their lives. People can express a lot of feelings toward starting therapy too: fear, anger, apathy,
and even excitement to name a few. My desire is to create a warm and safe space for you to show
up exactly as you are, so we can join forces in helping you take steps toward healing, growth,
and resilience. While I like to adapt my approach continually as I get to know each client, I
consistently reflect a style of gentleness, a love for highlighting client strengths, and a
commitment to hope.

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology. Currently, I am working towards my Master of
Social Work degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. Much of my previous life experience has
included working with children and adolescents. While I would be honored to work with
individuals of any life stage, I continue to carry a special place in my heart for working with
children, adolescents, young adults, and their families.

I have a personal faith and relationship with Christ that has been a source of hope in my own life.
For those who desire to incorporate spirituality and faith into their therapy experience, I would
be happy to include this in our time together. If you decide to work with me, I cannot wait to
meet you and to offer a new avenue of support at this point in your life’s journey!