Post-Graduate CMHC Clinician

Sycamore office and online via Telehealth

Do you have physical or emotional pain where you are starting to see behaviors in yourself that you do not like or feel out of control? Are you feeling stuck, broken, or like life is not being managed effectively? My desire as a therapist is to walk alongside you and help you process your thoughts and emotions to find a healthy balance and solutions to the life circumstances you have found yourself in. 

My philosophy as a counselor is that how a person thinks affects how they feel and behave. My goal is to help you identify thinking patterns that may be negatively impacting your life and help you learn to challenge and take captive those thoughts to make them more acceptable and positive so that you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind. However, if this technique does not fit you, I can incorporate other styles of counseling to help you achieve the healing you desire. 

I have many years of experience working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, trauma, divorce recovery, or general life struggles. In addition, as a former Registered Nurse and someone who has lived with chronic illness, I have a heart for those who struggle with chronic pain and illness as well as their caregivers. If a client is seeking to incorporate their spiritual walk with Christ into their therapy, as a believer, I can bring in whatever level of spirituality they desire to assist in the healing process. 

I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Mental Health Clinical Counseling at Southwestern Assembly of God University, where I have a minor in addictions counseling and a focus in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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