Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Elgin office and online via Telehealth

It is a privilege to be invited into someone’s story– whether it be a few pages or an entire chapter. I hope to enter into someone’s story during the editing process and empower them to share their story, no matter how beautiful, messy, and unexpected it may be. Through empowerment we find truth, and through truth we find healing. My hope is that through the telling of our stories, as raw and unadulterated as they are, we can come together and find healing.

My style of therapy revolves around narrative therapeutic techniques with a somatic and embodiment element. Looking at the body as an important part of healing is integral to the work I do. I believe the body stores up our trauma over time and we experience physical manifestations of mental illness which can result in chronic pain, fatigue and sleep disturbances.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in trauma integration therapy, narrative story-telling, and utilizing table top role playing games for therapeutic benefit. Additionally, I also have over a decade of experience with the U.S. Navy in Combat Medicine and working within the context of different cultures, environments and systems. I have a special heart for military and first responder families, couples, and individuals.

My ideal client is someone who is okay with bluntness, direct communication and willing to do the hard work needed to find healing. I always say I will use the scalpel of truth but not without the anesthetic of love!

Additional certifications: 

  • Clinical Certified Trauma Professional
  • Therapeutic Game Master Certification
  • PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator
  • EMDR Clinician-in-training