Associate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Elgin office & online via Telehealth

I firmly believe that we are all inherently relational beings. We all share an overwhelming drive for relationship with one another, and this drive is a core part of what makes us human. Unfortunately, we are also inherently imperfect beings, which is an aspect of our humanity that inevitably damages all of our relationships in some way. The conflicts that so often plague our relationships ultimately stem from the clash between our intrinsic relational drive and our many, many imperfections.

With this in mind, my goal for therapy isn’t for us to achieve the impossible and become perfect people. My goal is instead for us to grow as individuals, couples, and families in our awareness of our imperfections and the ways they are damaging our relationships. Ultimately, it is my goal that through therapy, we can become properly equipped to healthily navigate through the issues we are struggling with currently, as well as through the problems that we may yet encounter down the road.

I recently graduated from the Marriage and Family Therapy program and Wheaton College Graduate School, which has prepared me to flexibly utilize techniques from a number of different therapeutic approaches (Narrative Family Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, etc.) with the goal of working closely with each client to tailor the therapeutic experience to best meet their individual needs. Additionally, I would be thrilled to integrate issues of faith and spirituality throughout the therapeutic process for any clients who may be interested.

It is an honor to be invited into this journey with you and I look forward to working together through this process of healing, reconciliation, and growth.