Counselor and Board Certified Life-Coach

I am at most times a coach, mentor and counselor, at some times a harpist and horse trainer, and at all times a wife, friend and mother. I have dangled at the end of many ropes, been rescued and been a rescuer, and am a self-proclaimed expert in hope, hard choices and making the most of the mundane. I’ve gone from living in small town Midwestern America to urban Southeast Asia and back with my husband and five children and we’re looking forward to the rest of our lives’ adventures. Click to read more…

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Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

I specialize in helping kids who can be difficult to manage or who have a hard time with their emotions, and couples and families who struggle with communication and respect. I’ve been trained in Play Therapy that meets children where they are and communicates in a language that they can understand. I also provide family therapy designed to engage all members of the family and promote satisfying relationships. My hope is to provide a time and space for each person to able to fully express who they are and what they need. Click to read more…

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Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

It is a privilege to be invited into someone's story-- whether it is a few pages or an entire chapter. The stories we weave are beautiful, messy, and unexpected. I hope to enter into someone's story during the editing process and assist in the cultivation of potential alternate endings. I embrace the scary parts and invite adaption. My style of therapy is very flexible and client-directed back boarding on the philosophy of EFT, ACT, and Structural Family Therapy. Click to read more…


Licensed Social Worker

As you have begun your search for the right therapist, what have people told you to look for? Perhaps a certain certification, a set of initials, or a particular theory? And perhaps you are afraid of making the "wrong choice." In my opinion (and backed up by a good deal of research), the methods a counselor uses are not as important as the alliance between the counselor and the client. 
The number one piece of advice I give young people and their parents when they are looking for a counselor is this, "Find someone you like." Click to read more…


Therapist & Founder of Wellspring

For me, therapy is about gathering and understanding the pieces of your story. The themes of our story, the characters we've encountered, the obstacles we've faced, and the meaning we've made from our experiences, these are all complex things. It's my job (and joy!) to sort through these pieces and provide a new lens in order to challenge you, push you, and help you grow into the most healthy, authentic version of you. Click to read more…

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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Therapy is about being pushed outside of our comfort zones in order to grow and flourish in all areas of our lives. It involves taking a leap into the new, often unknown, territory of emotions and vulnerability. This may mean looking at the difficult, not-so-beautiful, parts of ourselves and our stories in order to move forward. My personal motto I use often in therapy is: "short term discomfort, long term benefit". Therapy is tough yet beautifully rewarding work! You will walk away with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the long term. Click to read more…

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Intake Coordinator

It’s not always easy to reach out for help. I get that. My job is to make what you’re doing easier. I’ll be your first contact when calling Wellspring and will help you with any logistical questions along the way.
I’ve always been organized and have found myself in many helping roles throughout my life. Supporting you as you do the work of therapy is a joy for me!